Our aim is to celebrate Sri Lanka by combining the best of local ingredients with something familiar for the western palette. We only use real butter, raw cane sugar, decent eggs, imported cocoa powder and use no artificial ingredients i.e. MSG, margarine etc.


Serving fresh juices & smoothies (no sugar added), together with a choice of teas & infusions. Our coffee machine gives out great local coffee, so fresh ground espresso, long black, cappuccino, lattes & iced coffees are all available. Ice cold beer, cocktails and wines are also on offer.


We home make as many things as we can from ice-cream to bread, to cookies to burgers.Our wood-fired pizza oven features most evenings during season time and on Fri/Sat evenings when we are less busy. We also offer a takeaway/local home delivery service. ‘The Wall’ details daily specials, such as ‘Poached eggs, in herby tomato sauce w. homemade bread & butter’, ‘Stir fried jumbo prawns with lemongrass, ginger and soy sauce’ and ‘Yellow-fin tuna with lime & coriander’.


Ramesh is often seen running up and down the beach to find the freshest, choicest, line caught (ie dolphin friendly) offerings. We only buy lagoon prawns, (not farmed), other delicacies such as lagoon crab, local lobster & mussels etc may be ordered in advance.


If you have any special dietary requirements ie gluten free or allergies, please do let us know. We can of course provide smaller portions of many of our dishes for children or those with a smaller appetite.